Better To Grow Dry

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While our systems use aeroponics to grow produce, AeroFarms’s key technological advancement lies in its proprietary growing medium.   There are several benefits to growing in cloth such as removing the need for transplanting and providing a sanitized, soilless medium that grows clean greens.  Because greens are clean, they do not need to be washed.  The cloth also protects the leaves from the wet nutrient mist spraying the roots below.  This results in greens that are dry upon harvest.

Why is important to grow dry and stay dry?  Because usually the water used in cleaning the greens or irrigating the crops from above in soil-based methods is a major cause of spreading bacteria.  Not only does this increase the chances of contamination, but it would also cause the greens to perish much earlier than if they were dry.  This, along with the speed and proximity between harvest and refrigeration of AeroFarms systems, extends our shelf-life up to 3-4 weeks for most crops.

Dry greens ready to harvest in an AeroFarms system

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