Aeroponic Farming

AeroFarms™ Aeroponic Farming compared to other growing methods

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Washing Required Yes Yes No
Market Freshness >1 week old Fresh – 3 days Fresh
Shelf-life 1 week 2 – 3 weeks 3 – 4 weeks
Local Difficult Medium Easy
Food Safety Difficult Medium Easy
Seasonality Seasonal Extended season at a cost Year round
Growth Cycle 35 – 70 days 25 – 50 days 12 – 16 days
Yield & Quality Predictability Low Medium High
Labor Conditions Difficult Hot & Humid Room-like
Annual Yield / Sq. Ft. 0.4 lbs 6 lbs 40 lbs
Transportation Costs High Medium Low
Weather Risk High High None
Location Very Limited Limited Any location
Water Use High Low Low
Land Requirements High Medium Low
Transportation Miles 1000s 100s 10s
Pesticides Often Occasionally Never
Urban Application No Limited to rooftops Yes
Worker Skill Level High Medium Low
Building Rehabilitation No No Yes