Founded in 2004, AeroFarms is widely recognized as the world leader in vertical farming. AeroFarms is a Certified B Corporation on a mission to grow the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity. Through its innovative growing platform, AeroFarms helps solve issues brought on by macro challenges such as population growth, water scarcity, arable land loss, health consciousness, and supply chain risks like the COVID-19 pandemic. AeroFarms has developed patented and award-winning technology in areas such as plant biology, mechanical design, environmental control, data science, operations, and plant genetics. Through the integration of these disciplines, AeroFarms achieves up to 390 times greater productivity per square foot annually versus traditional field farming while using up to 95% less water and zero pesticides. With a growing intellectual property portfolio of granted patents, patent applications, invention disclosures, and a vast library of data collected on growing operations over the last 15 years of operation, AeroFarms is continually improving its systems to grow at scale, to understand plants at unprecedented levels, and solve agriculture-related supply chain issues. Today, AeroFarms grows great tasting fruits and vegetables and sells great-tasting leafy green products that are consistently celebrated by top chefs and tastemakers.

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AeroFarms, the World Leader in Indoor Vertical Farming, to Become Publicly Traded Company through Combination with Spring Valley Acquisition Corp.

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