Goose Island UK and AeroFarms unveil Hail Hydro - a brand new session IPA made from groundbreaking hydroponic hops grown indoors by AeroFarms. Hail Hydro is the latest beer in Goose Island’s Impossible IPA series - a new selection of beers which embrace creating beers using unknown hops and techniques. The 4.7% hazy session IPA is made from hydroponic hops grown at AeroFarms.

AeroFarm Partners with Goose Island UK, AeroFarms

Welcome to AeroFarms, where our innovative vertical farms grow for flavor first. As a Certified B Corporation, we use the latest breakthroughs in indoor vertical farming, artificial intelligence and plant biology to fix our broken food system and improve the way produce is grown and distributed locally and globally. Take a look inside one of our vertical farms where we have created the perfect environment for our plants to thrive, and see firsthand where your clean, pesticide-free crops are safely grown all year round, like the hops found in Hail Hydro you're enjoying now!

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AeroFarm Partners with Goose Island UK, AeroFarms

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