try vertically farmed, AeroFarms
try vertically farmed, AeroFarms

AeroFarms Microgreens


"Three words to describe AeroFarms microgreens are: Fresh. Flavorful. Perfect"

- Djenaba

"I'm loving the new microgreens. It's such an easy way to add a little bit of nutrition to anything you're making and the flavor is amazing."

- Molly

"They give SUCH a lush, crisp flavor. And I love me a color pop!"

- Stacy

"Want to make a meal taste like a fine restaurant? These greens will do that. They are top quality and the taste is so good, you can eat it right from the package. "

- Amazon Fan

"First time in a long while where I felt almost instant energy from eating food. Then I started reading about microgreens and how nutrient dense they are. Would much rather eat this than lettuce."


"Fresh and Delicious. Great addition to salads and on top of deviled eggs. Stayed fresh in the fridge for a surprisingly long time. Would buy again."

- Diane

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