Vertical farms take growing indoors

Dec 28, 2016 By: Steven D’Souza Inside a windowless warehouse once used for paintball, with planes heading to nearby Newark airport overhead, an industrial park in New Jersey seems an unlikely place to find fresh locally grown produce. With LED lights standing in for the sun, and cloth replacing soil, the plants grown at AeroFarms …

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AeroFarms awarded honors in Environmental

PRESS RELEASE Newark, New Jersey December 1, 2016 After a year of unprecedented growth, AeroFarms, the world leader in indoor vertical farming, has been awarded both the New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards and’s Business of the Year Award. The Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards recognizes documented environmental benefit made by New Jersey businesses as well

A converted laser tag arena doesn’t need sun or soil

November 7, 2016 By: Jason Zucker Watch the full video at WATCH  | Inside an old laser-tag arena in Newark, New Jersey, is the future of farming. AeroFarms is an indoor vertical farm that uses no sunlight, no soil, and very little water. 1 of 6 The company claims to use a state-of-the-art aeroponic mist that

As vertical farming grows, a new real state opportunity takes root

It’s a staple of rosy pictures of our urban future, often viewed as the farming equivalent of flying cars. But vertical farming, long considered a curiosity, is starting to take root now. And according to the executive of one growing company, that means expanding beyond its niche, which offers a string of related commercial real

AeroFarms explores vertical farming techniques

October 21, 2016 David Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO of Aerofarms, joins BNN for a look at what is takes to make one of the world’s largest vertical farms. Watch the video at

The must-know professionals transforming food and leisure

October 11, 2016   The business landscape is rapidly evolving — and there’s a set of professionals, all 35 and under, urging on this transformation using a combination of skill, guts and perseverance. These are the inventors, strategists and entrepreneurs that make up the LinkedIn Next Wave 2016, a group of 120 individuals across a

Rethinking salad, transforming agriculture

  AeroFarms published its first story on today. Read a teaser here or see the full story at It’s easy to associate healthy food with all things good, wholesome and sustainable. We’ve all done it. If a food is certified organic, for example it’s easier to imagine that it is packaged in a sustainable

How to Grow Crops Without Sun, Soil or Water

September 08, 2016 By Gillie Houston A massive new indoor farm is about to open in New Jersey. When you think farm, you might imagine sun-drenched fields of fertile soil. You probably don’t imagine a very large building in Newark, New Jersey. But AeroFarms, a startup that’s developed technology allowing plants to grow without sunlight

The farm that runs without sun or soil

September 5, 2016 By: Sophie Morlin-Yron What do you get if you cross a tech entrepreneur with a farmer? The world’s largest, and possibly most sophisticated indoor farm — where greens grow without sun, soil or water. Well, almost no water. AeroFarms, the company behind the venture, say they will use 95% less water than a

Old steel mill will soon be world’s largest vertical farm

Aug. 19, 2016   By: Ted Shaffrey   NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Stacks of leafy greens are sprouting inside an old brewery in New Jersey. “What we do is we trick it,” said David Rosenberg, co-founder and chief executive officer of AeroFarms. “We get it thinking that, if plants could think: ‘All right, this is a

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