Vertical farming: The next big thing for food+tech

June 24, 2015 Watch the video at By: Morgan Brennan AeroFarms’ research lab is hard to find. The Newark, New Jersey, facility sits inside a storefront with paper-plastered windows and signs belonging to a part-urban-apparel-store-part-nightclub that used to inhabit the space. Find your way in, however, and it’s like stepping out of a concrete desert …

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The Future of Farming Plants Roots in Newark

September 9, 2015 Watch the video at By Lindsay Rassmann This is what the future of agriculture looks like…and it’s in Newark. It doesn’t look like much now, but this is the future site of the world’s largest indoor vertical farm. The 69,000-square-foot aeroponic farm being built in the Ironbound section of Newark is expected

How Vertical Farming Is Disrupting Urban Food Production

September 16, 201 By: Daniel Burrus Too often, we see the present and the future in terms of “either/or,” when, in actuality, the relation is more like “both/and.” People might think, when it comes to technological innovation, “either we keep the old, or we adopt the new.” In fact, it’s entirely possible to have both

AeroFarms Reaches Out To The Community With Roadside Farmstand

December 17, 2015 By: Tehsuan Glover AeroFarms announced earlier this week that they would be opening a roadside farmstand to give the local community a chance to try their locally grown leafy greens. Selling at the astoundingly low price of $6/lb., customers are encouraged to stop by and continue to get fresh greens even while

Why growing lettuce in New York City is a growing business

October 15, 2015 By: Judy Woodruff JUDY WOODRUFF: The very term urban farming sounds like a paradox, or a misnomer at the very least. But it is a real business and movement, albeit a small one, that you can find in industrial greenhouses in a number of cities around the country. Our economics correspondent, Paul

In Newark a Vertical Indoor Farm Helps help’s Area’s Revival

April 7, 2015 By: C.J. Hughes NEWARK — Schools, sports arenas and apartment buildings have sprouted in recent years in this troubled city as part of efforts to revitalize it. Now, it’s kale’s turn to take root in a most unusual spot. A former Grammer, Dempsey and Hudson steel plant in the Ironbound section of

Geeky Farmers Storm New York as Gotham Enters the World Indoor Farming Epicenter Race

September 21, 2015 By: Brian Halweil Since when did the season of fall food events get taken over by nerds? In North Brooklyn there was Northside Media’s future-oriented, Questlove-approved Taste Talks. Bloomberg entered the fray with TechTable Summit featuring a room-packing chitchat between Danny Meyer and Steve Case on the theme of #hitechhitouch. The New

Green Pie In The Sky? Vertical Farming Is On The Rise

August 5, 2015 Listen to the full story at By: Joel Rose From the outside, the AeroFarms headquarters looks like any other rundown building in downtown Newark, N.J. It used to be a store, and more recently a nightclub. Now it’s a test farm. “My favorite is the mustard green that’s called a Ruby Streak, which

AeroFarms Raises $20 Million for High-Tech Urban Agriculture

December 10, 2015 By: Lara Kolodny AeroFarms Inc. has raised $20 million in a Series B round of venture funding to build more of its “aeroponic vertical farms.” The high-tech indoor farms use 95% less water than conventional, commercial field farms, according to founder and Chief Executive David Rosenberg. Wheatsheaf Group led the investment in

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