AeroFarms to USDA: Urban Production will transform agriculture

PRESS RELEASE Newark, NJ February 24, 2016 On February 26, AeroFarms will present its success in urban farming at commercial scale to the 92nd annual USDA Outlook Conference in Washington, DC. Consumers are demanding local food in their grocery stores. In fact, a recent study found that the word “local” is now a better motivator than

Smart farming is biggest global business opportunity

February 9, 2016 By: Lucy Purdy Old MacDonald had an app? Technology doesn’t necessarily loom large in many people’s visions about farming, but its importance to modern day agriculture is indisputable. So much so that smart farming is identified as the number one opportunity for businesses in the 2016 Global Opportunity Report. While farmers have

AeroFarms takes new Agricultural Paradigm

PRESS RELEASE Newark, NJ January 19, 2016 AeroFarms Chief Marketing Officer Marc Oshima will speak about AeroFarms ability to mitigate the competition between food supply and water resources at the 16th National Conference on Food, Energy and the Environment entitled “The Food-Water-Energy Nexus” in Washington DC on January 19, 2016, convened by the National Council

AeroFarms Leads Circular Economy heads to Davos

PRESS RELEASE Newark, NJ January 18, 2016 AeroFarms, the pioneer and leader of vertical farming, has been recognized for its leadership role in the circular economy movement. AeroFarms is a finalist for the World Economic Forum (WEF) Ecolab Award for Circular Economy Enterprise. The Circulars recognize individuals and organizations that have made a substantive contribution

Newark-based company feeds local appetite for fresh produce

By Vince Baglivo Newark’s Ironbound section is a highly regarded dining and food destination. It is also home to AeroFarms, the world’s largest indoor vertical farm, currently under construction on Rome Street. While the facility is being completed in time for a grand opening scheduled for later this year, AeroFarms, the company behind this new way

Awards for Environmental Impact AeroFarms into 2016

PRESS RELEASE Newark, New Jersey December 29, 2015 AeroFarms, the pioneer and leader of vertical farming, has received three awards for developing a commercial way of growing food indoors responsibly, bypassing the traditionally adverse environmental impact of commercial field farming. AeroFarms was selected for the Red Herring Global 100, has won the World Technology Award

AeroFarms completes $20 Million Investment for grown produce

PRESS RELEASE Newark, NJ December 15, 2015 AeroFarms, the pioneer and leader in indoor vertical farming since 2004, closed on a $20 million financing led by UK-based Wheatsheaf Group, a Grosvenor Estate company, with participation from early round investors – GSR Ventures, MissionPoint Capital, and Middleland Capital. Building the company’s new global headquarters, state-of-the-art R&D

Say Hello To The Largest Indoor Vertical Farm

March 17, 2015 By: Dan Nosowitz Some 15 miles from Manhattan, monster investors are setting up what will be one of the most impressive indoor urban farming units in history. It’s called AeroFarms. Vertical farming is typically done in tall buildings with lots of sunlight; abandoned skyscrapers are ideal. But you can also reclaim less

Cities of the Future May Eat Plants Grown in the Air

November 20, 2014 AeroFarms has developed a vertical farming system that can grow organic baby leafy greens in urban settings. They’re doing it using aeroponics — the process of growing plants in mist without any soil — and plan to launch a branded product from a new 80,000-square-foot warehouse in Newark, New Jersey. AeroFarms CEO and

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