Tuna Poke Pizza

  • 2 Servings

This tuna poke pizza is a unique and delicious take on a classic pizza. The crust is thin and crispy, providing the perfect base for the flavorsome ingredients. The tuna poke is a highlight of the dish, providing a fresh and savory taste that is both healthy and satisfying. The tuna is marinated in a scallion ponzu sauce, which enhances its flavor and adds a lovely richness to the dish. The spicy mayo sauce provides a kick of heat to the pizza and the teriyaki drizzle adds a touch of sweetness to the pizza, balancing out the heat and the savory flavors of the other ingredients. Finish by adding a heaping handful of AeroFarms Micro Wasabi Mustard.

1 container AeroFarms Micro Wasabi Mustard 6 scallions 2 pieces of naan bread ¼ cup ponzu sauce ½ cup spicy mayo (½ cup mayo, 2 tbsp Sriracha, + 1 tbsp lemon juice) ½ lb sushi grade tuna (diced) 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce sesame seeds
1. Dice up sushi grade tuna and cut up scallions.

2. Mix together the tuna, scallions, and ponzu sauce. Add a heaping handful of AeroFarms Micro Wasabi Mustard to the mixture.

3. Make spicy mayo base sauce by mixing the mayo, Sriracha, and lemon juice together.

4. Toast naan bread and smear on spicy mayo sauce.

5. Top the pizza with tuna mixture and sesame seeds and drizzle with teriyaki sauce. Add more Micro Wasabi as a garnish.

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