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AeroFarms explores vertical farming techniques

October 21, 2016 David Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO of Aerofarms, joins BNN for a look at what is takes to make one of the world’s largest vertical farms. Watch the video at

How to Grow Crops Without Sun, Soil or Water

September 08, 2016 By Gillie Houston A massive new indoor farm is about to open in New Jersey. When you think farm, you might imagine sun-drenched fields of fertile soil. You probably don’t imagine a very large building in Newark, New Jersey. But AeroFarms, a startup that’s developed technology allowing plants to grow without sunlight

The farm that runs without sun or soil

September 5, 2016 By: Sophie Morlin-Yron What do you get if you cross a tech entrepreneur with a farmer? The world’s largest, and possibly most sophisticated indoor farm — where greens grow without sun, soil or water. Well, almost no water. AeroFarms, the company behind the venture, say they will use 95% less water than a


The World’s Largest Vertical Farm Is Being Built in New Jersey

July 5, 2015 By: Ria Misra A huge vertical farm—where crops are planted, grown, and harvested all with neither sun nor soil—is being built in New Jersey. When it’s finished, it will be the largest one in the world. You can see one of the (smaller) existing factories from AeroFarm, on which the new one

Indoor farming gives former New Jersey arena

June 28, 2016 By: Gina Cherelus Watch the video here. In an old warehouse in Newark, New Jersey, that once housed the state’s biggest indoor paint ball arena, leafy green plants such as kale, arugula and watercress sprout from tall metal towers under bright lights. A local company named AeroFarms has built what it says

Old Tech Meets New Tech at NJIT

May 5, 2016 The Bloomberg Advantage with Carol Massar and Cory Johnson. A discussion of the business of technology, from both traditional and new companies, including innnovations and opportunities throughout the tech space. Guests include Joe Taylor, CEO of Panasonic Corporation of North America, David Rosenberg, Co-Founder and CEO at AeroFarms, Tom Wisniewski, Managing Partner

Governor Chris Christie Visits AeroFarms

On Thursday, March 24th, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to our Newark farm to celebrate our success in creating local jobs and contributing to positive employment trends in the state. The Governor met with AeroFarms leadership and tasted some of our greens before a short speech and press conference on our growing floor. Here’s

The Future of Farming Plants Roots in Newark

September 9, 2015 Watch the video at By Lindsay Rassmann This is what the future of agriculture looks like…and it’s in Newark. It doesn’t look like much now, but this is the future site of the world’s largest indoor vertical farm. The 69,000-square-foot aeroponic farm being built in the Ironbound section of Newark is expected

AeroFarms Reaches Out To The Community With Roadside Farmstand

December 17, 2015 By: Tehsuan Glover AeroFarms announced earlier this week that they would be opening a roadside farmstand to give the local community a chance to try their locally grown leafy greens. Selling at the astoundingly low price of $6/lb., customers are encouraged to stop by and continue to get fresh greens even while

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