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The Airline That Offers the Freshest, Farm-Grown Produce at 30,000 Feet

Your Singapore Airlines flight just elevated in-flight fare with sustainably grown farm-to-table cuisine. BY SINGAPORE AIRLINES OCTOBER 1, 2019 In a facility in Newark, New Jersey, in highly customizable, oxygenated chambers, beneath the encouraging glow of LED lights are rows of greens. Lots and lots of leafy, spicy, boldly flavored greens. This is AeroFarms, which …

The Airline That Offers the Freshest, Farm-Grown Produce at 30,000 Feet Read More

I Just Took the World’s Longest Non-Stop Flight. Here’s What It Was Like

Singapore Air’s business class experience from NYC promises 19 hours of in-flight happiness. Does it deliver? BY JASON H. HARPER ON NOVEMBER 5, 2019 There’s not enough moisturizer in the universe. That’s my first thought when I consider taking the world’s longest non-stop flight. My skin is going to take a beating. Long-haul flights are not uncommon

Singapore Airlines, one of the most ritzy airlines in the world, is partnering with a high-tech urban farm to make sure it serves the best meal on every flight. Take a look inside the futuristic operation.

Singapore Airlines is about to launch a new “farm-to-plane” dining program, using vegetables grown at a local farm in Newark, New Jersey, in dishes on board its flights from the New York City area. AeroFarms, the company supplying the greens, is a high-tech “vertical farm,” which uses a controlled climate, LED lights, and a new

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