AeroFarms Expands its Award-Winning Leafy Greens Product Assortment

AeroFarms, a Certified B Corporation and leader in indoor vertical farming, today announced that it is expanding its line of leafy greens to include 5 new items: Baby Bok Choy-The New SpinachTMMicro ArugulaMicro Broccoli, Micro Kale, and Micro Rainbow Mix.

AeroFarms® award-winning retail brand of leafy greens is prized for its elevated flavor and is grown using proprietary aeroponics and indoor vertical farming technologies, which yield annual productivity up to 390 times greater than traditional field farming, while using up to 95% less water and zero pesticides.

There has been increased consumer interest in Asian greens and Future Fusebiquity  as outlined in Datassential’s Food Bytes 2021 Food Trends  that takes new generation products and combines them with well-known dishes. AeroFarms Baby Bok Choy-The New SpinachTM is reimagining how to create a better spinach experience that is juicier, more flavorful, and even more nutrient dense with an ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) score of 865 vs. spinach at 707, and it can be enjoyed in just about any spinach recipe for an updated new take on the dish.

Microgreens were recognized by The Today Show as one of the top health trends for 2021, and AeroFarms has been expanding this category at retail since 2019. Responding to consumer demand, AeroFarms has added Micro ArugulaMicro BroccoliMicro Kale, and Micro Rainbow Mix to its core line of Micro Spicy Mix and Micro Super Mix. Produced year-round at the highest quality, AeroFarms microgreens offer great visual and flavor excitement, elevating the home cook into a chef. In addition, AeroFarms microgreens provide higher nutrient density than their mature green counterparts, offering a powerful way to provide a potent boost of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

AeroFarms starts by selecting the most flavorful varietals of microgreens and baby greens, then perfects them in its proprietary indoor vertical farms for optimal quality, yield, color, nutrition, texture, and taste. In fact, AeroFarms has trademarked Vertical Farming, Elevated Flavor™ to highlight to consumers not only where and how their food is grown, but also more importantly, the key growing benefits that AeroFarms uniquely brings to the market, setting a new culinary standard with millions of data points to prove it.

AeroFarms is able to grow its kale to be sweeter and its arugula to be perfectly peppery, and the Company has developed its signature FlavorSpectrum™ to represent the breadth of flavors and hundreds of varieties of leafy greens that it is able to grow. AeroFarms’ team of experts from horticulturists to engineers to data scientists to nutritionists paired each specific tasting note with a representative color to bring the FlavorSpectrum™ philosophy to life. Across its leafy greens packaging line, the cool blue tones represent sweet and mellow notes, while the intense reds represent bold and zesty flavors.

All AeroFarms leafy greens are safely grown indoors in New Jersey at one of AeroFarms’ state-of-the art commercial indoor vertical farms that is certified for USDA Good Agricultural Practices, SQF Level 2 Good Manufacturing Practices, Non-GMO Project Verification, and OU Kosher. AeroFarms leafy greens are completely pesticide free, and ready-to-eat without any need to wash, providing a major benefit to consumers looking for safety and convenience. AeroFarms leafy greens are available at major customers such as Amazon Fresh, Baldor Specialty Foods, FreshDirect, Morton Williams, ShopRite, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

“Our Company is committed to partnering with our retail partners to expand the entire category of leafy greens and drive consumption with our sustainably grown produce that is winning on taste,” said David Rosenberg, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AeroFarms. “We are excited to expand our line of microgreens, which we believe can move from just a garnish to center of the plate given their exceptional taste — microgreens can be enjoyed all of the time!”

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