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From scaling commercial indoor vertical farming to advancing the latest collaborations in agriculture research and development to creating community farms to increase food access, each of our indoor vertical farms plays a vital role to reimagining our food system and elevating agriculture. We are currently developing the 6th generation of our farm technology as we work to make our latest farms the most sophisticated in the world.

Commercial Farms

AeroFarms is the pioneer in large-scale commercial indoor vertical farms. With over a decade of growing expertise, we opened our first commercial farm in Ithaca, New York, then expanded to Newark, New Jersey, and our newest commercial farm in Danville, Virginia, utilizing the 5th generation of our farm technology. Whether breathing new life into urban spaces like an abandoned steel mill or building an indoor farm to revitalize a more rural setting, our farms are modular in design and have the ability to scale.

AeroFarms global farms, AeroFarms

Research and Development Farms

AeroFarms builds Research and Development (R+D) farms as leading centers of excellence specializing in the intersection of horticulture, engineering, and data science to advance our learnings and knowledge. Having grown over 550 varieties of greens to date, we use the latest sensing technologies and data science in our farms, as well as tools such as machine vision and AI. Our R+D farms in Newark, New Jersey, grow new products to bring to commercialization and our new R+D AgX farm in Abu Dhabi is focused on next generation crops and the latest for phenotyping, advanced speed breeding, phytochemical analysis, and more.

Community Farms

We partner with cities and schools to bring custom indoor vertical farms into community settings. As part of our Community Farms Program, we have a working indoor vertical farm right in the dining hall of Philip’s Academy Charter School in Newark, New Jersey. In collaboration with EcoSpaces, students harvest their own greens for the shortest farm-to-table experience. The students gain access to fresh, healthy food that can be hard to find in parts of their city, along with a deep connection to how food is produced and why methods matter. AeroFarms has also partnered with the World Economic Forum to bring community farms to the City of Jersey City through the country’s first municipal vertical farming initiative.

AeroFarms global farms, AeroFarms
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