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July 18, 2018

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Since the end of WWII the application of Technology to Food has always been driven by the necessity of production growth, and subsequent capitalization. GMO, intensive (abusive) farming, preservatives, additives, food coloring, extended shelf life just to name a few things that always come to mind when our generation refers to the impact of technology on our kitchen table. In the past two decades however, we have witnessed a new revolution aimed at protecting our environment, our children, our health. Technology has been put to the service for a better future, and the first results are tangible and undeniable. Forward companies worldwide are applying their knowledge with one scope in mind: Make Human Life Healthy and Sustainable on a planet that is every day shrinking under the pressure of its own, too many inhabitants. Energy Conservation, Alternative Foods, New Technology, Hope and Ingenuity are now merging together creating an incredibly new collaborative environment that is set to change the future and we are already seeing the results on our Kitchen Table. Future Bites is a casual and intimate conversation with the pioneers of this new movement: inventors, cooks, visionaries, farmers, doers and intellectuals will join us to share their professional insight and to discuss the possibilities ahead.

New ways of cultivating food are cropping up each day. Here we discuss Hydroponics, Smart Harvesting, and Vertical Farming.

Episode 2-Progressive Farming

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