Heritage Radio Network visits AeroFarms

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Heritage Radio Network is dedicated to having conversations about food that go far deeper than they would in the mainstream media.

This week on Eating Matters, we bring you a special field piece recorded at AeroFarms – an indoor, vertical farm – in Newark, New Jersey. Jenna Liut teams up with fellow Heritage Radio Network hosts Erin Fairbanks (The Farm Report) and Chef Emily Peterson (Sharp and Hot) to tour the company’s state-of-the-art aeroponic facility that uses a patented technology, allowing the growing of food indoors without sun or soil, using 95% less water than in the field. Tune in for our tour of the facility, a 30,000 square foot former paintball and laser tag arena which houses the largest vertical farm in the world.

Listen to the broadcast at www.HeritageRadioNetwrok.org.


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