AeroFarms Provides Business Update

Dear AeroFarms Stakeholders: As we approach the close of our business combination with Spring Valley Acquisition Corp. and public listing on the Nasdaq exchange, I am pleased and proud to share that our business is progressing as planned on all fronts and we are well positioned to scale our business globally as the world leader …

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AeroFarms Announces Midwest Expansion with New Farm in St. Louis Region

AeroFarms announced its plan today to expand to the Midwest region as part of a project with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the St. Louis Controlled Environment Agriculture Coalition (STLCEA) to demonstrate innovative strategies to minimize the environmental footprint of indoor agriculture. The greater St. Louis MO-IL Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was selected as a

5 Startups That Prove Tech Can Solve The World’s Biggest Problems

Jun 17, 2018, 07:24pm Maiko Schaffrath 1. Viome: Eliminating Disease Through Personalized Diets Naveen Jain, founder of Moon Express and Viome, speaks at a panel on ‘Space won’t be the final frontier,’ at main stage in MEO Arena during 2016 Web Summit on November 9, 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.  (Photo by Horacio Villalobos – Corbis/Getty Images)

NowThis – AeroFarms 360 Tour

AeroFarms in Newark, NJ grows over 2 million pounds of greens a year without sunlight, soil or pesticides, making it the world’s largest indoor vertical farm. See how they do it in 360° VR. #Gear360

The future of agriculture is happening in cities

April 11, 2017 By: Alyssa Bereznak The future of agriculture is happening in cities. After years of experimentation, Silicon Valley may finally be making urban farming viable. But will residents be able to afford the crop? The town of Kearny, New Jersey, is a small industrial desert, populated by warehouses, factories, and twisting freeways filled with

Solving water: the first step is admitting we have a problem

AeroFarms published a new story on Read a teaser here or see the full story at Seventy percent of global water resources go toward agriculture. Seventy percent of fresh water contamination comes from agriculture. Sit with that a moment. Conventional irrigation in Salinas Valley, CA This incredible statistic is what drove David Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer

Vertical farming at AeroFarms

February 1, 2017 Curbed took a tour of one of our Newark farms to discover the future of farming.

I was wrong about vertical farms; Aerofarms shows how to make them really work

January 9, 2017 By: Lloyd Alter For a long time this TreeHugger was dismissive of vertical farms, agreeing with Adam Stein who wrote that “Using urban real estate in this manner is incredibly wasteful: bad for the economy and bad for the environment. Local food has its merits, but that’s what New Jersey is for.”

Vertical farms take growing indoors

Dec 28, 2016 By: Steven D’Souza Inside a windowless warehouse once used for paintball, with planes heading to nearby Newark airport overhead, an industrial park in New Jersey seems an unlikely place to find fresh locally grown produce. With LED lights standing in for the sun, and cloth replacing soil, the plants grown at AeroFarms

A converted laser tag arena doesn’t need sun or soil

November 7, 2016 By: Jason Zucker Watch the full video at WATCH  | Inside an old laser-tag arena in Newark, New Jersey, is the future of farming. AeroFarms is an indoor vertical farm that uses no sunlight, no soil, and very little water. 1 of 6 The company claims to use a state-of-the-art aeroponic mist that

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