Unlock The AeroFarms Micro Cookbook

From our farm to your kitchen, we are excited to share curated microgreens recipes cooked up by our community to celebrate the flavorful possibilities of AeroFarms Microgreens.

Flip through the cookbook to find inspiration from AeroFarms community members and chefs like Clara from @clarabecooking and Olivia from @savorshots as they transform dishes with AeroFarms microgreens.

Our smallest greens add a burst of flavor, bright colorful additions and nutrition to any meal. Find your favorite recipes here to reimagine ways to add microgreens into your dishes and tag @aerofarms and @aerofarmsflavorhub on social media to share your creations!

Elevate every dish with AeroFarms Microgreens. We’re excited to see what you dish out with our FlavorSpectrum™ of unique greens varietals.

Click here to access our microgreens cookbook! 

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