Peeling Back Sustainability

Delicious greens grown with purpose and packaged with people + planet in mind. We're on a journey to reduce waste + environmental impact. Here are just a few of the ways our team has thoughtfully and innovatively designed our package along the way.

Solving agriculture's toughest issues, AeroFarms

How To Recycle

Step 1

After you've enjoyed your delicious greens, rinse out your tray so it is clean for proper recycling.

Step 2

Peel off your top film lid, save 5 or more lids and mail your thin film to AeroFarms for us to recycle via TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box program.


Mail To:

AeroFarms Recycling
400 Ferry Street,
Newark, NJ, 07105

Step 3

Place the bottom tray in your regular at-home recycling bin for municipal recycling.

Stewarding Sustainability

AeroFarms is proud to have been recognized throughout the world by major global awards for our environmental leadership. Additionally, AeroFarms was the first agriculture company honored by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for their initialCircular Economy 100.

Solving agriculture's toughest issues, AeroFarms

Cutting-Edge Technology

Take a virtual tour of our indoor vertical farm to see how we grow our local, pesticide free leafy greens so they are better for you and better for the planet.

Featured Recipe

Sweet Kale Caesar Salad

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