AeroFarms explores vertical farming techniques

October 21, 2016 David Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO of Aerofarms, joins BNN for a look at what is takes to make one of the world’s largest vertical farms. Watch the video at

The farm that runs without sun or soil

September 5, 2016 By: Sophie Morlin-Yron What do you get if you cross a tech entrepreneur with a farmer? The world’s largest, and possibly most sophisticated indoor farm — where greens grow without sun, soil or water. Well, almost no water. AeroFarms, the company behind the venture, say they will use 95% less water than a …

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Garden State Aeroponics: No Sun, No Soil, No Problem

July 1, 2016 Watch the video here. David Rosenberg, AeroFarms co-founder and chief executive officer, discusses aeroponics and the company’s expansion plans with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson on “Bloomberg West.”

heritage radio

Heritage Radio Network visits AeroFarms

  Heritage Radio Network is dedicated to having conversations about food that go far deeper than they would in the mainstream media. This week on Eating Matters, we bring you a special field piece recorded at AeroFarms – an indoor, vertical farm – in Newark, New Jersey. Jenna Liut teams up with fellow Heritage Radio Network …

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Inside The High-Tech Farm Growing Kale In An Old Paintball Arena

April 26, 2016 By: Alexander C. Kaufman NEWARK, New Jersey — David Rosenberg is trying to build an agricultural empire out of an old paintball arena in a blighted urban neighborhood about 45 minutes outside Manhattan. Needless to say, Rosenberg, the chief executive of Aerofarms, an indoor farming startup growing organic leafy greens without sunlight …

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Huff Post Rise

AeroFarms Is On A Mission to Transform Agriculture

The Huffington Post crafted an exciting piece about AeroFarms, highlighting our mission to combat the global food crisis through indoor vertical farming at scale in cities all over the world.  This video features one of our sites in Newark, New Jersey, a former paintball entertainment center turned vertical farm growing nutritious baby greens and herbs. Watch it here.

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