The Vertical Farming Manifesto

We are Vertical Farming.

We are Farming 4.0 with food and technology, people and planet at our core.

We are the intersection of agriculture, data science, engineering and sustainability.

Our mission is to transform food systems for the benefit of people and the planet.

And contribute a solution to the deepening environmental crisis exacerbated by traditional agriculture.

We are committed to decoupling ecosystem destruction from food production through technological means.

We collaborate with the traditional agricultural community to enhance current farming practices and help increase production.

To feed a rapidly growing population in an increasingly unstable climate with less resources.

We recognize the climate crisis and are taking action to ensure that food production still thrives.

We therefore grow food closer to where people live.

And use far less water, land and miles to grow and deliver it [ >90% less than conventional farming].

To safeguard our ecosystems and to protect humanity.

We recreate ‘sunlight’ to grow food and recognize this energy and carbon challenge.

We drive the renewable and green energy transition.

We are committed to aligning with globally accepted impact frameworks [such as SBTi, B Corp, SDGs].

We understand plants and their growth, listening, watching and learning through their lives.

Improving quality, shelf lives, nutrition, flavor, freshness and resource-use.

We provide pesticide-free produce while eliminating dangerous run-off and soil degradation.

We are closed, minimum-waste systems that nourish people and the planet.

We create the environment we produce in, whatever the weather or season.

We innovate and improve every day using AI, data and science to grow even smarter.

Producing more crops, in quality, volume and variety.

We measure and adapt our impact and are committed to transparency.

We produce more with less.

We are Vertical Farming.



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