Third Annual AeroFarms Micro Cookbook Now Available!

, AeroFarms

We are delighted to share our third annual microgreens cookbook with you as a celebration of the delicious flavors of AeroFarms Microgreens. Unlock the exciting tastes, use cases and culinary recipes as we explore the culinary magic these tiny greens create.

The AeroFarms Microgreens Cookbook is your guide to cooking up delicious dishes that are easy and nutritious. Flip through the cookbook to find inspiration from AeroFarms community members and chefs as they transform dishes with AeroFarms microgreens.

Our smallest greens add a burst of flavor, bright colorful additions and nutrition to any meal. Find your favorite recipes here to reimagine ways to add microgreens into your dishes and tag @aerofarms on social media to share your creations! AeroFarms Microgreens available nationwide at Whole Foods Market, The Fresh Market, Amazon Fresh, HEB, Giant, FreshDirect, Harris Teeter, Walmart, Stop & Shop and more!


, AeroFarms


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