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Welcome to AeroFarms, where your delicious greens are sustainably grown for flavor first. Take a look inside one of our vertical farms where we have created the perfect environment for our plants to thrive, and see firsthand where your clean, pesticide-free greens are safely grown all year round.

Vertical Farming. Elevated Flavor.

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We believe in harnessing the full FlavorSpectrum to create the most delicious plants possible. Our kale is sweeter. Our arugula is perfectly peppery and we are harvesting millions of data points to prove it.

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Our FlavorSpectrum™ Philosophy

We believe that produce should taste amazing, the way it used to. In a world where field salad greens are grown solely to survive a long, grueling journey across the country, we are challenging the status quo and cultivating the most delicious produce possible by growing indoors in our vertical farming paradises.

Elevate Every Dish

Browse our collection of unique, vibrant recipes.

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Citrus Panzanella Salad

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Matcha Jolt Green Smoothie

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Tangy Arugula Vinaigrette

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