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2018 EatingWell American Food Heroes

By: Shaun Dreisbach, Nutrition & Features Editor  |  EatingWell 2018 American Food Heroes Our annual American Food Heroes list honors 12 people doing extraordinary things to make food better in our country—whether it’s through food policy, sustainability initiatives or life-saving nutrition research. Welcome to our second annual American Food Heroes list, honoring 12 people doing extraordinary things to

Future Bites

July 18, 2018 OG Podcast Network Since the end of WWII the application of Technology to Food has always been driven by the necessity of production growth, and subsequent capitalization. GMO, intensive (abusive) farming, preservatives, additives, food coloring, extended shelf life just to name a few things that always come to mind when our generation

Why Data is an Essential Nutrient for AeroFarms Crops

Heather Clancy Thursday, May 10, 2018 – 2:25am An AeroFarms growing facility in Newark, New Jersey.   Urban agriculture pioneer AeroFarms eschews pesticides and herbicides. It gets away with using considerably less water than traditional growers of the leafy greens in which it specializes — it squeezes out almost 95 percent of what’s traditionally used.

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

AeroFarms has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2018. Of the thousands of companies evaluated, AeroFarms was named one of the Top 10 Innovative Companies in Food. AeroFarms is a vertical farming company that operates inside a converted steel warehouse in Newark, New Jersey. Its thousands of trays of seeds grow

How AeroFarms Vertical Farms Grow Produce

MARCH 27, 2017 By: Michelle Miller In our series, Real Food, we take a look at the growing trend of vertical farming. Companies like Aerofarms are rethinking how we grow vegetables by going up to provided fresh and affordable produce. Michelle Miller reports.   See the original post at

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AeroFarms Represents New Jersey in FastCo’s The United States of Innovation

We are honored to be the recognized innovator from New Jersey in Fast Company’s “United States of Innovation.” Read the AeroFarms section below and see innovations from the other states at [Illustration: Adam Avery] NEW JERSEY A rising food revolution Inside a converted steel warehouse in Newark, thousands of trays stacked 36 feet high house

Food Futures With Elettra Wiedemann: Vertical Farms

We are thrilled to be featured in the first episode of Food Republic’s newest series “Food Futures”. Watch it here.   By: Elettra Wiedemann May 18, 2017 People stay awake at night thinking about different things. I lay awake thinking about food. But not, like, delicious dishes. I stare at the ceiling fretting about how this

A Farm Grows in the City

May 14, 2017 By: Betsy McKay Billions of people around the world live far from where their food is grown. It’s a big disconnect in modern life. And it may be about to change. The world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, 33% more people than are on the planet today, according

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