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AeroFarms on VPRO: Boer zoekt voedselflat

April 23, 2017 AeroFarms was featured on Channel 2 in the Netherlands on Backlight, a long running documentary series by VPRO television that offers in-depth “future affairs” stories. Watch the full video here.  

Solving water: the first step is admitting we have a problem

AeroFarms published a new story on Read a teaser here or see the full story at Seventy percent of global water resources go toward agriculture. Seventy percent of fresh water contamination comes from agriculture. Sit with that a moment. Conventional irrigation in Salinas Valley, CA This incredible statistic is what drove David Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer …

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Farming Inside a Warehouse in New Jersey

February 1, 2017 Ever heard of vertical farming? It’s an agricultural movement that eliminates the need for natural light and soil when when growing vegetables, while making your greens more nutrient dense and tastier year round. AeroFarms, based in Newark , has perfected the technology behind vertical farming and is now passing it along to …

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Vertical Farming: Enter the Urban Farmer

January 22. 2017 No soil, pesticides or sunlight and it uses minimal water. It’s being hailed as the next big leap in agriculture. We explore the remarkable technology taking hydroponics to a whole new level. Watch the video at  

Science Nonfiction: Vertical Farming

January 17, 2017 In The Martian, Mark Watney staved off certain death by developing an ultra-efficient space potato farm. In Newark, Aerofarms has just opened the world’s largest vertical farm, capable of producing nearly 2M pounds of greens annually with minimal resources or environmental impact. Come have a taste of the future of food. We …

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Why You Won’t Recognize Your Supermarket in 5 Years

March 1, 2016 By: Eve Turow People are actually eating nutritional yeast again. On purpose. They’re experimenting with cricket-flour cookies. And they’re getting internet-famous for posting photos of rice krispie treats on Instagram. Our overheated food culture is changing faster and faster every day. But you know the one thing that’s been lagging behind?Supermarkets. Walk …

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