AeroFarms Collaborates with Chef Josh Walbolt on an Eight-part Cooking Series

We’re partnering with Chef and Flavor Expert, Josh Walbolt, to get you to #LoveGreensMore across our social media channels over the next eight weeks. Follow along as Chef Josh cooks his way through the AeroFarms FlavorSpectrum™, highlighting the unique flavors and versatile ways to use our award-winning microgreens and baby greens! Each week will highlight a different green and its unique flavor profile in a curated and seasonal recipe.  

Chef Josh Walbolt was classically trained at the Culinary Institute of America and was awarded the Rising Star Chef Twin Cities 2019 and the San Pellegrino Young Chef Nominee 2016. He has previously served as the Chef de Cuisine of the critically acclaimed Asian fine dining restaurant, Lat14 Asian Eatery, and the Chef De Partie of the upscale American fine dining restaurant, Eleven Madison Park. 

Watch the trailer for our eight-part cooking series celebrating the full FlavorSpectrum™ of AeroFarms greens on Instagram and YouTube.

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Cooking Series, AeroFarmsEpisode 1: Micro Spicy Mix — Chilled Peanut Noodle Salad

We can’t get enough of the bold, peppery flavors that make up this microgreen blend! Chef Josh is starting our journey through the AeroFarms FlavorSpectrum™ with Micro Spicy Mix which is featured as a new product at Whole Foods! Find it in the salad section of your local store, and follow the recipe HERE



Cooking Series, AeroFarmsEpisode 2: Baby Watercress — Baby Watercress Dumplings

Did you know you can make a zesty dumpling dough using just 3 ingredients? Combine flour, water, and our Baby Watercress to take your dumplings to the next level! We’re showing you how to make some greens-packed dumplings, incorporating AeroFarms flavors from the inside out. Check out the recipe HERE.



Cooking Series, AeroFarmsEpisode 3: Micro Super Mix — Micro Super Mix Laab

This laab salad featuring our Micro Super Mix redefines what this green was created to be, a hearty personal salad. Filled with protein and a whole package of AeroFarms’ earthy microgreens blend, this salad is bursting with flavor that will leave you satisfied. Save this recipe the next time you’re having a savory salad craving. Check out the recipe HERE.



Cooking Series, AeroFarmsEpisode 4: Micro Wasabi Mustard — Tuna Poke Pizza

 AeroFarms hot and bold Micro Wasabi Mustard is the ingredient you need to spice up any dish, like Chef Josh Walbolt’s Tuna Poke Pizza! Recreate this recipe for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day and experience the unique + delicious wasabi heat together! Check out the recipe HERE.



Episode 5: Micro Broccoli — Double Broccoli SandwichCooking Series, AeroFarms

This sandwich featuring our Micro Broccoli is an elevated nutrient-dense lunch that is sure to help you power through your day. In Episode 5, we’re showing you how to assemble a sandwich that is not only bursting with flavor but will leave you satisfied. Check out the recipe HERE.



Cooking Series, AeroFarmsEpisode 6: Micro Arugula — Chimichurri Steak Sandwich

You can trust Chef Josh Walbolt on this one: Micro Arugula will take your chimichurri sauce to the next level! This pepper-packed green adds the perfect punch to this steak sandwich… and any sandwich! With so many different ways to use Micro Arugula, it’s easy to #LoveGreensMore. Check out the recipe HERE.



Cooking Series, AeroFarmsEpisode 7: Micro Rainbow Mix — Citrus Fennel Salad

While there are an endless number of ways to use our Micro Rainbow Mix, this salad by Chef Josh Walbolt takes the prize. The ingredients in this dish perfectly compliment the vibrant medley of earthy cabbage, sweet kale, & spicy mustard greens that make up AeroFarms Micro Rainbow Mix. Check out the recipe HERE.



Cooking Series, AeroFarmsEpisode 8: Micro Kale — Creamy Bacon Farfalle Pasta

The final recipe of our #LoveGreensMore partnership with Chef Josh Walbolt is one you’ll want to save. This creamy farfalle pasta with our nutritious Micro Kale has a unique texture and even better flavor. The bright, sweet kale compliments the salty richness of the bacon and cheese sauce. Check out the recipe HERE.


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